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For enquiry please contact japanfavorite2003@hotmail.com


度 身 訂 造 行 程 顧 客 真 實 評 價
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本網頁的度身訂造行程服務, 歡迎顧客隨時[提交您的評價]。 如對本網頁的行程服務有任何意見, 歡迎你隨時聯絡我們

Margaret 於2019-2-12 [度身訂造行程 千葉親子遊 (體驗:摘士多啤梨)]

Thank for so much for the itinerary. Everything went smoothly.

The hotel in Chiba Shi is very nice and convenient.

Michelle 於2019-1-8 [度身訂造行程 ~北海道自駕遊 (體驗: 釣冰雪 , 狗雪撬 , 自製玻璃杯...等) ]

I want to thank you for your help to plan and organize around the activities and dinners for us and our friends. It took for lot of anxiety for us. We had a very enjoyable holiday! Thanks again.

I think it may be useful I let you some of the activities / diners feedback from Hong Kong tourists prospective.

Furano Glass - very good and professional in guiding us to making glass, particular on blowing glass, making the glass ball. Sand blasting took longer than they suggested (may be our hubby and daughter are very demanding), but still a good experience. Staff in there are very cheerful and helpful. They also have different glass made items, art work for sell. If going for the workshop, it is worth the drive from the town (roughly 20 min under snowing condition). If for shopping, it may be far from other place.

Ice Fishing - the activity itself is quite fun. Each tank for 6 people, we shared with a Japanese family. 3 of us has fished 7 small fishes. They cooked fishes on spot and the guides were very attentive. They came every several minutes to check on whether we got fish and cheer us up.

We appreciated they put extra efforts to give instruction to 3 of us separately. With very limited English / Japanese exchange, we can fully understand what we need to do. No language barriers for us to communicate.

While we booked jackets / boots for 3 of us. The guide found out we only need snow boots for 2 adults and a jacket, so only charge us for that (I actually ready to make full payment on the rental

Night watching - this is the one with quite uncertainly. Our guide can speak fair English. He suggested us to go to see Furano night view and go to the night fair near Prince Hotel (the one you also put into our plan). We told him we want to see animals. So for 1.5 hours, the bus drove us around the woods (still on highway) to find animals. We stayed on the bus most of the time. While the kids said they saw something, we only saw the footprint of fox, which was not too bad. Good thing was most of the people on the coach are friends (there were 2 other Chinese visitors), so we got a fun time to talk, making jokes to each others. The tour ended with seeing Furano night view near Prince Hotel area. Guess we need to have super luck to be able to see the animals!

Dog Sledding - Highlight of the trip. The guide can speak English. It is a family run operation, not too big but very cosy. The guide spent fair amount of time to explain how to operate the sled, such as stop, turn, in case it flips over, what should we do. Then we can meet the dogs, touch them, pad them and even hug them. The ride is about 40min. The guide rode on a ski-mobile to lead the dogs, monitored the situation, told us to stop. took very nice photos for us. I got two kids (one of my friend's kid joined in last min, they are happy to accommodate that) in sitting position, the adults stood. After finishing the ride, we met the dogs again, said thank you to them. After returning to their house, there are snack and hot tea for us. About 10 min later, we got the photos download to our iphone! And they have jackets, snow boots, hats lend to us. Yes, it is important the guide come to pick us up. Otherwise, we may not be able to find the entrance. It is in the middle of nowhere... Highly recommended with or without the kids!


Both of the restaurants you recommended in Sapporo were nice. We were late but did asked hotel / shop told them we changed our reservation time.

In Furano, the challenge is finding the restaurant's location. Few of them could not be able to locate by the car navigating system. We need to use google map to locate that. The 12/29 and 12/30 restaurants came with this situation. While 1/2 restaurant the car navigating system located in wrong location, we need to use google map to find out the exact locations.

Most restaurants served nice food. Dec 31 one is ok, but less tasty compared to others. I understood it is because the restaurant choice is very limited on those date.

I have to apologize to Jan 2 restaurant, it is because our group is quite noisy in that setting. But foods are nice!

We are looking forward to visit Japan soon!

Amy 於2018-12-28 [度身訂造行程 九洲自駕遊 (體驗:和服體驗, 睇海豚)]

我由2010年認識阿May, 跟住去咗十幾次日本, 都係幫襯佢嘅專業策劃, 同行嘅朋友都感覺非常妥當安全, 令旅程非常愉快,玩得安心大家放心

我覺得自己唔pro嘅, 就要畀啲好pro嘅 專業人士幫手, 非常值得

試過喺日本突然間行程因為天氣有誤, 打電話去餐廳 又因為語言不通溝通唔到, 即刻搵阿May幫手通知對方, 否則飯都冇得食,住宿都會因為你延誤未通知而被取消, 所以我極力推薦 *日遊自慢*

有travel planner 策劃行程 ,租車租酒店, 和服體驗, 睇海豚等等, 度身訂做行程, 食 住都安排妥當,令我感覺好安全

今次行程除了Smile hotel張床,每間酒店都好滿意, 特別喜歡長湯溫泉 ,阿蘇溫泉,超值……


Frankie 於2018-8-1 [度身訂造行程 ~大阪 名古屋 鳥羽 自駕遊 (體驗: 整食物SAMPLE體驗, 火車軌上踏單車體驗)]


感謝你今次為我安排的名古屋8日7夜之旅, 今次已經是第3次找你幫忙


行程安排很詳細,酒店推介很好, 大人和小朋友都十分滿意。






Amy 於2018-5-18 [度身訂造行程 ~北海道自駕遊 (賞櫻)]

選擇度身訂做行程,係因為想旅程好穩妥, 就訂車 訂酒店網上已經有好多選擇,但 喜歡日遊自慢推薦的酒店, 少香港人住, 價錢合理, 就訂車訂酒店已經節省了金錢,足夠share行程策劃費用了

今次有三晚溫泉酒店, 洞爺湖、定山溪的溫泉酒店實在超值, 相對支笏湖丸駒溫泉, 食物, 温泉和服務就比較一般。

用餐嘅地方都好滿意, 不過有啲餐廳冇訂位所以去到食唔到 (函館食和牛), 成吉思汗羊都要訂位, 所以第二晚訂咗位可以去食。

總括嚟講,我哋四人都好滿意你嘅安排。 下次再去一定會再找你。

Judy 於2017-11-25 [度身訂造行程 ~關西自駕遊 ]







下次去日本一定再找你幫忙👍Thx you very much!👏👍😃

Frankie 於2017-8-2 [度身訂造行程 ~米子自駕遊(體驗:摘水果) ]


感謝你今次為我安排的米子8日7夜之旅, 行程安排非常貼心, 大人和小朋友都十分滿意。

行程非常詳盡, 只是旅遊這幾天, 天氣很好, 非常熱, 有一兩個露天景點放棄了。

小朋友最開心是到大久野島親親小白兔及在皆生溫泉放煙火, 在這年代要他們接觸煙火比較困難。



Louise 於2017-5-2 [度身訂造行程 ~九州鹿兒島自駕遊 ]

Hi May,

How are you? Just want to jot a mail to say thank you for the comprehensive itinerary to Kagoshima.

We had a great trip. The weather was very fine with good sunshine. We love the beautiful and amazing natural sceneries, the onsen hotels you picked for us, and all the good food by the hotels and the resturants suggested by you. The 鵜戸神宮 was in fact very interesting. It draws our interest to locate more historical information.

We had an almost brand new car this time. It was issued in Mar. ;-). The GPS is as before amazingly good. Kind of having some heart warming features such as a brief ding ding reminder right before each turns. Just makes you feel so secured to turn ;-) We just love that.

Looking forward to have your professional itinerary design again.


Christy 於2017-4-3 [度身訂造行程 ~東京 (賞櫻) +箱根 ]

Dear May

今次玩得好開心,多謝 Photo

Kinnis 於2017-4-21 [度身訂造行程 ~關西自駕遊 ]

多謝你完善的安排, 六天嘅京阪神行程安排我哋都好滿意

特別感謝你專登為我哋搵到睇夜樱嘅地方, 雖然好多櫻花都未開,但好幸運我哋都睇到!

酒店嘅住宿都非常之好, 我其他朋友都話好彩搵到你寫行程,所以我哋嘅行程就唔需要行冤枉路。


Mandy 於2016-9-20 [度身訂造行程 ~四國 ]

Dear May


今次的行程 , 好在有你的planning , 旅程得以順利完成 。

一個我以為很復雜的地方,有了你, 就變得簡易明白

希望在不久的將來 再次使用你快捷,有效率的服務


Judy 於2017-3-20 [度身訂造行程 ~九州:鹿兒島及屋久島 ]

Dear May



Frankie 於2016-8-28 [度身訂造行程 ~北海道自駕遊 ]

感謝你今次為我安排的北海道8日7夜之旅, 行程安排非常貼心, 大人和小朋友都十分滿意,

行程非常詳盡, 因我自駕關係, 連在何處泊車及在長途駕車期間在何處休息都有提供, 十分貼心

希望下年去日本再找你為我度身訂造另一次難忘之旅程, 謝謝!


KCTang 於2016-5-22 [度身訂造行程 ~芝櫻+藍粉蝶賞花之旅 ]








Louise 於2016-1-29 [度身訂造行程 ~大阪+四國自駕遊 ]
Hi May,

How are you? We've been back to face the cold weather of HK but that's relatively easy with the experience in Japan ;-)

We all did enjoy the trip very much. All the scenaries are amazingly beautiful. Thank you for that.

The driving experience is also interesting. We like the new look of the GPS. Easy to input and very clear instructions.

We have rain, mild snow and heavy snow at some points, and after all these, we also have ice droplets. Quite interesting.

We think the snow tyres did have some good effect. Strong wind is something that we do not know how to handle but just slowing down. We used to read from the transportation in HK that when we drive in strong wind, we should open the windows. We did try a little bit. The whole experience is good.

Thanks again. We look forward to another break and might need your assistance again

Louise 於2016-1-29 [度身訂造行程 ~大阪+四國自駕遊 ]



Gary 於2016-1-21 [度身訂造行程 ~北海道 ]
Michelle 於2015-7-23 [度身訂造行程 ~北海道 (富良野 美瑛) ~ 親子自駕遊]

Thanks for putting up a nice plan for us.

We have a very enjoyable time.

And the details of the items saved me tremendous energy for looking up information before and during the trips.

I pretty much just following the itinerary 90% of the time. The park you recommended for the kids are excellent place for toddlers or children under 10. I wish we could spend more time in there.

The log in Furano in fact is quite nice. While the space is not as much as we thought (we owned the whole place), but it is very new and well built. We could play mini "firework" in nearby area too. The breakfast is good and in very large portion. Since it is in the middle of the farm field, the sleep quality in there is among the best for my whole trip :) The host is very nice as well even we did not have lot of conversation due to language constraint.

Thx again and definitely ask for your help again.

Mandy 於2014-7-31 [度身訂造行程 ~北海道 (富良野 美瑛) ]

唔該晒你幫我plan行程, 火車的時間班次很準確,好讓今次行程很順利


Thank you very much


Melau 於2014-8-7 [度身訂造行程 ~東京 ]



Patrick 於2014-4-19 [度身訂造行程 ~沖繩自駕遊 (體驗:親親海豚)]

Thanks for arranging this wonderful trip for us.

Everything worked out fine. We enjoyed it very much despite did not go to every recommended spots because we were relaxing. Leaving us excuses to go again.

Thanks again for the arrangement.


Gary 於2014-3-5 [度身訂造行程~大阪+京都+北陸 (白川鄉,高山,金澤) ]


6日5夜北陸行程,暢順開心,尤其白川鄉民宿一茶非常好,招待好,白川鄉真係好靚, 多謝你們盡心安排我們需要,去日本無難度。




Mandy 於2014-1-22 [度身訂造行程 ~大阪+山陰(鳥取,島根,岡山) ]
旅程已完結, 唔該晒你幫我製作一個咁清楚的行程表,
noted with thanks


Christine 於2013-12-23 [度身訂造行程~東京+日光+鬼怒川溫泉 ]

once I was back from Japan, I headed to another biz trip. So it is a bit late to send this thank you note.

Just want to say thank you for all your arrangement.

We have a very good trip there, I also take this opportunity to wish you have a Merry Christmas and a very properous New Year!

Louisa 於2013-10-7 [度身訂造行程~沖繩自駕遊 ]

We've been back from the trip. Very nice weather and nice place. Thanks for the itinerary.

We enjoyed the sceneries and food very much. Next time we better let you arrange accomodation as well :-)

The hotel is nice facing the ocean but not too colloquial.

The road system is good but have to drive more carefully in dark as the lightning system is not as extensive.

The Nissen GPS always point to north and the system design makes driving a little challenging.

Thanks again. Hope we need your assistance very soon :-)

Have a good day. Food

Cindy 於2013-9-3 [度身訂造行程~九州自駕遊 ]

The trip went very well although it was raining for the first few days.

We enjoy very much the tip to the African safari, ASO volcano, 屋台.

湯布院 is a very nice area but I actually prefer the hotel at ASO, the view is gorgeous.

We did go to Tosu outlet on our way back but we are quite disappointed because things there are not cheap at all.

Just one recommendation, don't go to the 地狱蒸 during lunch. We waited for almost 2 hours before we can get our slot to cook the food. We were all starving.

Thanks again for your help.

Tang 於2012-3-5 [度身訂造行程~伊豆~賞櫻賞梅 ]

我想如果可以安排,明年會再去伊豆一次, 因今次看不到全開河津櫻及南伊豆櫻。

其實都見到櫻花,都不錯...雖然河津及南伊豆沒有見到一排排櫻花, 但都可以想像全開是的美...

雖然天氣不太好,但又是另一番味道,同時人不太多, 好多時都是我一人包場,尤其是大室山及堂之島的蘭花館...


Wing 於2011-12-16 [度身訂造行程~關西紅葉 ]

妳介紹那間居酒屋很不錯呀, 經濟又好味.

係清水寺都處都有紅葉,我們剛好看到神社內有人結婚場景, 親眼見可感受到當地文化.

P.S 值得一提(行程內介紹的)親子飯果然好好味

去日本多次, 我比較喜歡白川鄉 高山那次, 另外便是東北啦.

不過幸好有妳,幫我們節省時間及金錢,亦介紹好多值得去值得食的地方, THANKS SO MUCH.

Mabel 於2011-1-17 [度身訂造行程 ~ 伊豆紅葉自駕遊]
愉快的日本假期, 很高興可以見到美麗的紅葉。

日觀及夜觀紅葉時已經美, 回程前在紅葉公園見到的紅葉更美。今次去的地方從外地來的旅客比較少,我們比較喜歡少外地旅客的地方, 我們非常喜歡今次行程安排的地點。

今次入住的溫泉住宿很好, 不過我先生覺得行程比較趕, 我希望下次可以再RELAX一點, 慢慢的享受及感受吓。

我們到清酒廠買了很多清酒, 清酒廠的主人是一名婆婆, 婆婆對我們十分親切, 而且仲送了蘿蔔給我們。

你安排的採摘鮮菇, 然後即場燒, 非常好味。需然與園主言語不通, 但園主卻因此而特別照顧我們, 十分愉快。

行程內介紹去我們買牛奶, 牛奶的味道十分香濃, 我們還買了5 LITRE帶走。

我們還跟你的介紹食了修善寺的蕎麥麵, 真想不到蕎麥麵原來可以有這樣口感的!

Wendy 於2011-12-3 [度身訂造行程~關西 ]

旅程順利,行程安排恰到好處,可惜今年天氣太暖,還未能見到滿山紅葉,樹木多仍然是綠色 >.<

Agnes 於2011-11-3 [度身訂造行程~九州]
我剛從福岡回來, 謝謝你的安排, 一切順利。

唯一缺點 是天氣不好, 頭兩天整天下著大雨 其後又陰天, 不過無所為啦, 是不能控制的

Amy 於2010-12-8 [度身訂造行程 ~ 北陸:白川鄉+立山黑部 紅葉 15日(體驗:吹玻璃杯)]
I am back. I had a wonderful time in Japan !! Thanks so much for your detailed itinerary ! The Japanese were quite surprised that I knew so much and could produce the exact fare ! Your plan reminded me what to do everyday. It's like travelling with a guide and a secretary ! This is the result of your hard work. Besides, I really loved 2 of the hotspring hotels you recommended ! There are just so many things to comment and compliment !

Thanks again for your plans !! My friend also said you were great !!


Carrie 於2010-12-10 [度身訂造行程 ~ 北陸 紅葉]
First of all, I must thank you for the detailed itinerary you have prepared for us.

We had a great time in japan.

I enjoy the plan, food, accommodation, hot spring, esp the gorgeous maple leaves!


Amanda 於2011-1-6 [度身訂造行程~關西 Honeymoon]
Thank you for your help in organizing the trip

Besides, I really thank you again for your arrangement, especially the food you recommended is excellent. But I think you can have more improvements on the maps since it's a bit dfficult for tourist that is not familiar with the direction of the locations pointing in the map. I have lost my ways for several times, especially in Kyoto.

May reply: 謝謝你的意見, 我明白地圖的重要性。對於日遊經驗較淺的顧客, 日後我會更加注意地圖的詳盡性, 務求令顧客可以更容易使用我設計的行程表。

Hermi 於2010-4-7 [度身訂造行程 ~北海道6日]
行程一切順利, 所有交通安排全部妥當, 天氣不是太寒冷, 只是在層雲峽遇上大風雪, 所以煙火表演都要取消, 而且全晚在房間也感覺到那些風雪好像10號風球一樣那麼大, 真是難忘.

在此再一次感謝妳的精心察劃. 下次一定再找妳幫忙.

Louisa 於2009-12-6 [度身訂造行程 ~東北自駕遊(體驗:摘蘋果)]
Thanks again for suggesting such enjoyable spots.


Sherry 於2009-12-30 [度身訂造行程~東北+東京]
我地一家三口第一次去東北, 今次全靠你為我度身訂造東北之旅程. 令今次旅程十分順利, 尤其行程中有些地方如銀山溫泉, 如沒有你預先給我們安排所有接送車, 行車路線, 注意事項, 我們一定浪費很多時間在找火車路線及找旅館等上.

還要讚不絕口的是你推薦的餐廳及食店 (基本上你所有推薦的餐廳及食店我們均有品嚐) , 老公及囡囡都超讚好味!

希望下年度再有機會去日本新景點時再找你為我度身訂造另一次難忘之旅程, 謝謝!

Pang Pang 於2009-11-3 [度身訂造行程~東北 5日4夜 ]
我地嘅旅程非常之順利呀.........你安排嘅時間全部 fit洒...........好勁呀.........thanks much ar
Michelle 於2009-9-14 [度身訂造行程~北海道自駕遊 ]
We've been back from Sapporo last Sunday's night. We had a nice trip, very relaxed. Thx. for yr itinerary. Both hotels were fine with us.
We were particularly fond of 2 places you recommended

Anyway, we enjoyed our trip so much. If we go to Japan next time, our target destination will be 富良野 and we will contact you when we need your help. Thx.

Amy 於2008-11-10[度身訂造行程~東北 14日]
I'm back. Thx for your planning. It's just like having a personal guide round me ! Everything is going on smoothly. I have also recommended your service to my friends. I will ask for your help again in the future for trips to Japan.


Cindy 於2009-9-4 [度身訂造行程~北海道自駕遊]
Thanks for all your help. We had a wonderful trip and everything is so smooth...even we lost our schedule on the first day!

I really liked XXXX Inn and the Hotel XX.

The ramen in 登別 is perfect.

I will definitely ask for your advice next time if I go to Japan. I have recommended your service to a lot of friends

Winnie 2007-6-20[ 度身訂造行程~伊豆 & 電單車自駕遊 ]
The keeper of the rental shop are very helpful even they can't speak any English, but they really really willing to communicate with us. That is a good shop to recommend to others if they want to rent bike.

We cant get the GPS ( because the battery was broken), therefore we need to use the map painted from the web-site in your link, that is helpful too, but we still need to ask people every 20 mins -.-, since we dont really know the structure of their road , but once again all the Japanese are very helpful , they just make use of their body language to told us the direction. I think we asked at least 20 people in the whole journey.

Japan is a lovely country with good people!

All 3 hotel are good , especially the first night 吉春 伊豆長岡 , the spa are excellent, I would love to go again.

Thanks for your help, we are so happy to chose you as a travel planner

C&A 於2006-8-7[度身訂造行程 ~東京 ]
The trip was great? We were very lucky to have your itinerary with us. In fact, it helped us a lot. As I told you before, it was the first time that we went to a foregin country without joining a tour. It's very exciting and fun.

By having the tailor-made itinerary, we can go to the places that we really want to go and not wasting any of our time.

We are planning to have another trip to Japan next year? We are planning to go either in March, June or September. Do you have any good suggestion? I guess we will need your help again by then!Hehe!!

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